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Kat's First Poem

Kat made up a poem and I wrote it down. She's so cute.


When I bake pancakes
A rolling pin drops on my toes
When I see a cake baked
My foot is still aching.

When the cake falls on my toes
It splats on my head.
When my head gets washed,
It gets dirty again.

When I see a butterfly in the cake
It just eats all the cake.
When I write everything
It just scribbles up wrong.

When I put my bow on my head
It slips off when I bend over.
When I go into a box.
I can't breathe anymore.

When the blanket bag drops on my toes.
My toes go flip flop.
And turn my heart upside down.
Then my heart goes flip flop.
Kat Matthew hug and kiss

About My Children

I am so hot. Stupid fevers. And yes, they normally make you cold, but low grades tend to make me hot. :-p


1) Favorite activity? Reading, playing, and 'doing letters' which is spelling.

2) Favorite food? Beans, especially bean soup.

3) Favorite toy? Usually a book. Right now, it's the princess book my mother gave her.

4) Favorite color? blu

5) Does he/she look more like momma/daddy/both/neither? Daddy

6) best feature? Everything? She's absolutely beautiful, and yes I'm biased but other people have told me that. :-p. Probably those million mile long eyelashes.

7) big/small/average for age? somewhat tall tall

8) Nickname(s): Kat, Kat Kat, Kit Kat, Baby, Sweetie, Darling (I use this a lot for both of my children, I call them my darlings)

9) Favorite outfit? overhalls

10) Favorite word/phrase lately: either 'why?' or 'on my next birthday'. :)

11) Clingy or independent? Depends on the day, how she's feeling, what's happened...

12) Daredevil or cautious? depends on the circumstance

13) Best friend? She likes all the children she's around. Daniel, Deanna, Avery, Samuel, Grayson...I think she'd be hard pressed to pick one.

14) Favorite animal? Probably cats and fish since we have those.

15) Does he/she have something that they sleep with or do for comfort? Not really for comfort, she just likes to have things in bed with her. It changes almost daily. Tonight it was a curious george book.

15) Favorite book? Probably that silly Princess book my mom gave her.

16) early or late riser? She'd sleep until 10am or later if you let her, so she'd prefer to be a late riser.

17) good napper? Sometimes, more often not than she is. I wish she napped more.

18) Fussy or easygoing as a baby? Fussy

19) Shy or outgoing? outgoing

20) talkative or quiet? very, VERY talkative!

21) Something most kids like to eat but they won't touch? I can't think of anything.

22) Favorite song? Right now, I think it's "Fare Thee Well My Dear", but she likes singing so it probably changes.

23) Something you feel they did earlier than most kids/babies? Started to crawl at 6 months, walked at 10.

24) Something you feel they did later than most kids/babies? Um. She talked just past a year which I think is slightly later than most.

25) Snuggle bunny or too wiggly? a snuggler who likes to wiggle. < - Stealing Kristin's.

26) If of talking age, what letter(s) did he/she have most trouble pronouncing? She used to have problems with various letters, but I think she's gotten over that now.

27) Favorite room of the house to hang out? The play room or the kitchen.



1) Favorite activity? playing, but especially if it involves balls or trucks.

2) Favorite food? bread

3) Favorite toy? balls and trucks. the specific one changes.

4) Favorite color? he changes, but I think he leans toward red.

5) Does he/she look more like momma/daddy/both/neither? mommy

6) best feature? His eyes and his smile.

7) big/small/average for age? Short

8) Nickname(s): No shortage of his name, we don't call him Matt. Either Baby, Sweetie or Darling

9) Favorite outfit? Either his Spiderman shirt or his "Cars" pajamas

10) Favorite word/phrase lately: probably mommy or repeating whatever Kat says.

11) Clingy or independent? Clingy

12) Daredevil or cautious? depends on the circumstance

13) Best friend? Probably Kat.

14) Favorite animal? Cats and fish.

15) Does he/she have something that they sleep with or do for comfort? Like Kat, he picks something every night. Most often it's a car or truck, occasionally a book.

15) Favorite book? That changes too much to pick one.

16) early or late riser? Early. it's so annoying! :)

17) good napper? Most of the time.

18) Fussy or easygoing as a baby? Fussy, more so than Kat. He was colicky.

19) Shy or outgoing? He dips between both.

20) talkative or quiet? talkative!

21) Something most kids like to eat but they won't touch? Ice cream.

22) Favorite song? Twinkle Twinkle Little Star or Itsy Bitsy Spider.

23) Something you feel they did earlier than most kids/babies? Crawled at 7 months, Walked at 11, but started talking at 10 months.

24) Something you feel they did later than most kids/babies? Grow.

25) Snuggle bunny or too wiggly? a snuggler who likes to wiggle. <-Stealing Kristin's answer again.

26) If of talking age, what letter(s) did he/she have most trouble pronouncing? L's. It's so cute though!

27) Favorite room of the house to hang out? Play room, kitchen, anywhere with Kat. :)
Aikido way of life

Long time...

No update. Well, that's not completely true. It's been a long time since I've done a real 'life' update. So...I shall attempt to go over life in general. :)

So I'm sitting here and really...I don't have a whole lot to say.

I joined a coop but after some not so great treatement on the preschool teacher's part and the finding out that half of these members are calling themselves Christian but are actually members of a religion that is definitely NOT Christian...well, I pulled out. So, homeschooling shall continue only at home.

I had a whole bunch of fabric that someone gave me on Freecycle. I took out what I wanted and needed and had a lot left. The lady who took it from is a couple of years younger than me, married, with a four month old. She's also very nice. We've talked and we're hopefully going to get together some time soon. Her daughter is a bit young to 'play' yet, but I bet the visit will distract my children and it will be nice to have some adult conversation too. ;-)

I hurt myself a week and a half ago while in aikido. I was uke and my tori was doing a technique on me. With the way we moved, I fell against a pillar that's in the dojo. It's wrapped in carpet, and I didn't bang my head. I was able to move my head so I wouldn't bang it, but I pulled a muscle in my shoulder. Unfortunately, with the way my children pull on me, it's taking its sweet time in healing fully.

I've got more than enough hours to test for my second degree brown belt in Aikido. Hopefully that will occur soon. There's a clinic being held the last Friday and Saturday in October. We knew about it last year but it was too short notice to go. Kurt said I could go this year. Fortunately, I can sleep in the dojo so I don't have to worry about a motel. I was told they should have showers. ^_^

There was an accident at home today. Kat and Matthew were in their highchairs and pulling at one another. Kat actually managed to topple Matthew's highchair over with him in it! I set him back up and I pulled them apart and told them to stop. Unfortunately, I didn't pull them apart far enough and they pulled on one another again. She toppled him again but that time he hit his head on her highchair enough to get a nice little knot and bleed a bit. The cut isn't bad, but he's definitely got a bump. Kat was actually crying about five times longer than Matthew did. His eyes were bright and he was laughing within a couple of minutes, so he's okay.

Summer, our 19 year old cat seems to really be slowing down. I'm sort of just waiting for her to pass in her sleep, poor girl.

Oh, and I got my first quilt commission! I'm going to get PAID to make someone a quilt! YIPPEE!

I feel like there's stuff that I should be writing down here but I'm missing. Maybe I will think of it later.

Got questions? Ask me. :)
Crafty Hogwarts

Wow, a real update!

Matthew is saying sauce (by which he means applesauce), brush (buhsh), and eat (eeeee, but it's obvious what he means). Brush has been going on for about four days and I kept forgetting to write it. The other two started either yesterday or the day before.

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This has gotten rather long. It's been a while since I've done a real update as opposed to short snippets. Perhaps I shall have to do this more often? Well, for that, I'll probably need more time. :)
Precious family

Movie Day!

We have movie days three times a week - Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. One movie before lunch, then lunch, nap, snack, bath, and another movie before dinner (with a filler of Veggietales music videos should that movie be short).

Behold the following conversation that occurred today.

Daddy: Kat, what do you want to watch?

Kat: I want to watch Sleeping Booty!
Precious family

Words N Stuff

I need to write these down before I forget them again.

Matthew has been saying 'this' for about a week now. It sounds like 'dis'. He says it when he wants you to tell him what something is. He has also been saying 'tree', though it sounds like tee. Yep, he has been saying it ever since we put up our Christmas tree. Of course, Kat calls it her Christmas tree. It's also Matthew's Christmas tree, Daddy's Christmas tree, Mommy's Christmas tree, and Mima's Christmas tree. We're decorating it tonight.

I'm pretty sure there was another word Matthew was saying, but I can't remember what it is. Most of the time, I'm not able to write them down when I discover he is saying something new. *sigh* I must try harder!

I'll update the list and put the full thing in another post soonish.

Oh, I was going to have pictures of the quilts, but the pictures didn't come out, so you will all have to wait until next Friday. :-p

EDIT: Oh yeah, please, though it sounds like 'peace'. Matthew has been saying that for about two weeks, but I would always forget to write it down. Bah.
Kat Toddler Headphones

Last Tuesday's 'Adventure'

I just realised that I never wrote about what happened last Tuesday. It wasn't really an adventure per se, but it was a rather annoying day.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, the children get to watch movies. They watch one (or 2-3 half hour shorts) in the morning and one (repeat before) in the afternoon after nap and snack time. During this time, I usually quilt because they tend to ignore me when I'm in there. I was in the back room ironing and then came out to make their lunch. I glanced in the living room. I had only looked in on them about ten minutes prior. When I looked in there, I saw a bottle of Ken's Steakhouse salad dressing, a bottle of Gulden's spicy brown mustard, and a bottle of squeezable Parkay margarine that my mother in law had left last time she had visited us (we never use the stuff). The dressing and mustard were closed, but where I saw the margarine was in Kat's hot little hand, top flipped open, pouring it on Matthew's head.

Of course, I immediately went in there, only to find that she had squeezed a majority of the butter onto one of the chairs that goes with their table, gotten some on the floor, and poured the rest on herself and on Matthew. Needless to say, I was livid. I gave her a spanking (she has been warned on multiple occasions not to go into the refrigerator), made her stand in the corner and washed up as quickly and as well as I could (I just put the chair outside for the moment until I could hose it off), then went to make the children's lunch. I made Kat stay in the corner until lunch was ready while Matthew got to continue to watch the movie. Oh yes, she couldn't see the movie while in the corner where I had her stand. Then, I had the children eat lunch and I cleaned up more thoroughly while they did so.

After lunch, I gave them a bath, something I usually do after their nap and snack time (before movie time). Matthew hair still looked rather greasy once it was dry, despite my scrubbing. I guess it got a good conditioning if nothing else.

We must really get a latch for the fridge...