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I'd rather be quilting

Cute Patchwork Dress!

I SO want to make this.


I've never made clothes before.

I read through the instructions and I think my brain blew a circuit. It probably isn't that difficult for most to understand but I'm stupid.

I do much better when I have someone guide me in person than just trying to read instructions.

My friend Mindy who has made clothes before and could help me is due with her second child on the 27th.


So the likelihood of me doing this anytime soon is slim unless I can find someone to help me who is patient enough to guide me through it.

For now, I shall just have to stick with quilts. Alas.
got fabric?

Quilting Thursday Status Report

Just for reference, I set aside every Tuesday and Thursday as quilting days. Hence the references that follow.

I got the inner border sewn onto my Japanese quilt. I got three sides of the middle border sewn. I ran out of fabric so had to buy a little bit from an online site just so I can finish it. This means, unfortunately, that I must wait for the fabric to arrive to finish the quilt. The fabric I'm using is actually fairly old so I was fortunate to find a place that still had it in the colour I needed.

I sat down and went over the pattern I'm going to use for Kat's twin quilt. I have all the fabric for that (even the backing), but the question is, which fabric am I going to use where in which block. That probably doesn't make much sense, but at least I know what it means in my brain. :) I have a couple of options. I may ask for advice from my friend Mindy.

Goals for the next Quilting Tuesday: Get as much cutting done for Kat's quilt as possible.

Goals for the Quilting Thursday: I'm going to set aside this day as a "Harry Potter" day. I will choose some blocks to attempt and make one of each. These will all be practise blocks. I want to make every block that I'm going to put into the quilt at least once to make sure that I do it properly. If I have any problems, then I shall pounce upon ofenjen and thwap her mercilessly with wet fabric until she helps me.

Precious family


I used to draw quite a bit. I was never that good at it, but I enjoyed it. However, I haven't drawn anything in years. That's probably going to change quite soon.

My friend Melody is pregnant with her first child. She's about twelve weeks along. In six to eight weeks she will find out what gender she is having. If they are having a girl, she wants to decorate the nursery with a mermaid theme. This gave me an idea for a quilt.

One of the things I used to love to draw was mermaids, especially after the release of "The Little Mermaid". If she is having a girl, I will probably draw four mermaids and print them onto fabric,then colour them and put them in her quilt. The pattern I drew up requires eight, but I'll probably just do repeats because I can only think of only so many positions and mermaids to draw. Maybe I can flip them over so you have some that are right side up no matter which way you look.

Anyway, I think she's having a girl. However, if she is having a boy, I'll have to think of something else. What annoys me is that I had an idea and I've lost it. I should have written it down when I thought of it and now it's gone. Blar. Perhaps I will draw something and use it in his quilt too.

I guess I shall have to wait and see!
Q is for Quilt


Quilt number 11 is DONE! Now I just need to wash it.

The potholders are DONE! Whoo!

This year, I have completed 11 quilts, 1 quilted name tag, two quilted
potholders, 1 small panel for a mei tai (baby carrier) and three paper
pieced blocks.


Pictures in a few days of the last three quilts I did this year. :)
got quilts?

Love Potion Number 9

Well, actually it's quilt number 9. I finished it today. I have two more left. Number 12 just isn't going to happen because one of my long arm appointments got cancelled and I don't have another one until February. I was going to quilt my aunt in law's quilt last Friday and one of the machines was broken. I'm hoping nothing happens for the 17th because that's when I originally planned to quilt my personal quilt (number 12) but now I'm quilting my aunt in law's quilt.

So yay, another one done! I'll definitely get 11 done this year. It would have been 12 but...oh well. I could just stitch in the ditch on my home machine, but I really wanted to quilt mine on the longarm. I could also try freemotion quilting on my machine, but I don't have a darning foot, and it's harder than the longarm.

But I'm done with number 9! Number 10 is just waiting for the longarm, number 11 is basted and will just be done stitch in the ditch (a charity quilt). Then all I have to do is bind it! Yay!

I love making progress.