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Funny funny!

The first two I taught her. The third response was completely unrehearsed and unexpected. Normally, she just babbles.

Me: Kat, what does Mommy say?

Kat: I love you!

Me: What does Daddy say?

Kat: I'm a geek!

Me: What does Matthew say?

Kat: I'm a geek too!
Precious family

A Special Day

It's hard to imagine that two years have passed since Kat came into the world. Time seems to have gone by so quickly. She's no longer a baby, but a busy and intelligent little girl. She's growing so fast.

Today is her second birthday. She can count to five (actually, up to 10, though she doesn't recognise the actual value of the numbers above 5), she runs all over the place. She's advancing so quickly I can't keep up. I miss her baby stage, but think this is a very neat stage too. I'm enjoying her immensely.

This will be the last time I update her vocabulary list. I might add more throughout the day as I remember things, but after today, this will be the last physical list. She's just gone so far I can't keep up with her anymore.

She is so very special. We have our frustrations, certainly, but that's the way it is with anyone. I love her dearly and wouldn't do things any differently. She's honestly a joy. I love you, Kat! Happy birthday!

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She Did It Again

Kurt: Say 'goodnight Mama'.

Kat: Night Matthew

Me: Say 'goodnight daddy'.

Kat: Night Matthew

Kurt: Say 'goodnight Mama'.

Kat: Night Matthew.

Then we attempt to use reverse psychology on her.

Me: Say 'goodnight Matthew'.

*long pause*

Kat: Night eyes.

Me: Say 'goodnight eyes'.


Kat: Night mouth.

Me: Say 'goodnight mouth'.


Kat: Night water.

Silly child.

A real entry!

I haven't made a real real entry in a while.

We got the call about my grandmother on October 7th and left the very next day. The funeral was on the 10th and I sang "In The Garden" and "Because He Lives", my grandmother's two favourite hymns. Afterwards, we went to the cemetary accompanied by a police escort and there she was laid to rest. My grandmother lived a long life. I just wish the last few years hadn't been so hard for her. While I feel sad, I did most of my grieving years ago. At the same time, I have a peace about it. I'll see her again.

That week was mostly about having time with my mother. She had to go back to work on Friday, so we took that day to go to the zoo. I got to see the Gallmans again, which was very nice. We that following Monday and got home about 2am on Tuesday. As much as I like seeing family, it's nice to be home.

While we were in Georgia, things seem to really click with Kat. She's saying more, parroting us more, combining words, that sort of thing. She says several phrases now and it's just neat to see how she's catching on to things. She knows over half her alphabet and tries to sing the song with me.

Matthew's doing well. He's still not rolling over from back to front, but he smiles a lot, especially if you do raspberries at him or jiggling him in a certain way. It's almost a shame children have to grow up. He's starting leaning forward like he wants to sit up and I put him in the exersaucer almost every day now. He's so adorable.

I registered for two classes (Earth Science with its lab and an education class). Now Kurt and I have a lot of thinking to do. Will I continue in school or will I withdraw and concentrate on my children? To be honest, as much as I want a degree, I want to concentrate on my children more. This will be a matter of much discussion.

It's good to be back at our church again. Last Sunday after church, we went to the pumpkin patch. I have a few pictures up at my flickr and will be uploading more. I will also start working on uploading my zoo pictures.

There is a contest going on at Attached To Baby. Whomever uploads the most pictures (between July 1st and October 31st) wins a 100 dollar gift certificate to any merchandise. There are four categories, Sling, Wrap, Mei Tai, and Pouch. Since I have mei tais, I'm going for that category.

It looks like Kurt, the children, and I will be on our own for Thanksgiving. This will be the first time we've not either been on a family member's house or had family come to ours.

Below I've done the list of words again. That's all for now.

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No change on my grandmother. We're just taking it day by day and waiting still.

Today was kind of like Christmas. My new DVD of Disney's "The Little Mermaid" came in along with my new Freehand Mei Tai. I love this mei tai! Much better than the one that was given to me. We got the multi coloured embroidered one. :)

Matthew has rolled over again and I got pictures at my flickr site for anyone interested. :)

Kat has said a few more words and knows a few more letters and another sign. We're up to 167 words!

She's also started to string words together. Now she says 'wee to pease' for 'read to me please' and 'eat it!'. :)

Edit: I forgot to add that she knows tummy, boy, and girl now. :)

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I'm feeling rather nauseated. It's annoying. I got nauseated after I ate this chicken pastry thing Kurt made. It wasn't really that good. :-/ Must be his fault.

Kat's saying a few more words.

Dance (Das)
stool (syewl)

My grandmother had another stroke, a small one. Of course, she's been under hospice care in a nursing home for a little while. She's had these small strokes before and has bounced back (as much as one her age and condition does) from them before. Mom said she didn't seem to be doing too well though. It's been a roller coaster with her, thinking she might go and then her getting better. Now she's gone downhill again and we're on edge, waiting for that call and preparing to pack up and leave in a hurry to go to Georgia to attend her funeral. Not fun. While on one hand, I don't want her to suffer anymore, for I know she never wanted to be like this, on the other, I'd like to see her again and I'd like her to meet Matthew, even if she doesn't remember.
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Cats, Kat, and Carriers

I must be a wicked and bad Christian, then, since I own four.

In other news, more words!

Read (wee)
broccoli (bwaki)

She also knows the signs for 'A', 'B', and 'C'. She can do A well, she uses her entire arm instead of just her hand for 'C', but she struggles with 'B'. She recognises the sign, though, and will say 'B' when I hold it up and ask her what it is.

Matthew is still gassy and he seems to get fussier starting in the early evening. It's colicky like symptoms, though it's not full blown colick (for which I'm grateful). It's really gas problems, we think. I just wish there was a way to bring him relief. :(

He's getting better head control, smiling and giggling, and pushing himself up quite high when he's on his tummy. He's trying to roll over from back to front, though he's been trying that for at least a couple of weeks. Because it's hard to hold him a lot, I've been using our snugli carrier. At first, he didn't like it, but he's starting to get used to it and tolerate it. The only problem is, it's hard on your back because there's no lower back support. Kurt is willing to let me take some money out of savings to invest in a better carrier. We're going to try a Sutemi Pack. There's a money back guarantee, so if he or I don't like it, then it can be returned. It got good reviews, so hopefully it will work out. If not, I'll probably try a Mei Tai carrier.

I got a lot done today while the children were sleeping. I could have gotten more, but Matthew got hungry in the middle of his nap and then took a while to get back to sleep. :} I got the Microwave area cleaned (It was very cluttered) and moved the cat food to a better place. I also got a littl laundry done and put up our new blinds in our bedroom. Not a huge amount of stuff, but more than I expected to get done.

Well, that's it for me for now. :)
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Evidently Kat knows 'frog' now, though she says 'fwa'. It's cute. I got this big frog prince (complete with golden crown) from my inlaws for Christmas. Why they gave it to me instead of Kat, I'll never know, but that's okay. I just gave it to Kat. It's mouth has a zipper and you can open it and put things inside of it. It's cute. You can see a picture of it here.

It's gorgeous outside! Right now it's in the 70s, the sky is bright with the shining sun and I just want to go out to a park and enjoy it. Alas, our second car needs to be inspected and it can't be done until the parking brake gets fixed. So, I'm pretty much stuck at home. I tried to tempt Kurt to take a half day or so, but he really can't. *sigh* Why couldn't today be a Saturday?