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Quilting Friday Five and Show And Tell Friday

Here's the Friday Five from calicocats

Here's this week's installment - theme is Binding.

1. Do you make your own binding or purchase it? I make it.

2. Do you sew on your own binding or let the longarm machiner do it? I've only done one quilt that I've let someone else do. It's the wedding gift for my sister in law. I wanted it to be extra nice, so I had a professional do it. :)

3. Double fold binding or Single fold binding? Double because it's stronger. Single fold isn't good on bed quilts. Not so bad if it's just going to be a decoration.

4. Have you ever done strips/plaids on a bias binding? No.

5. Have you ever made binding on a scallop edge? Not yet. I hope to eventually. :)

And now, da da da, my show and tell Friday. Go to Kelli's blog to participate!

Some of you may have seen my work in progress name tag.

I finished my name tag!

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And, today is our fifth wedding anniversary. Happy Anniversary Kurt! I love you!
Precious family

Show and Tell Friday

My friend Kelli does something every Friday called "Show and Tell Friday". For once, I actually have something to show and tell! Go to her blog to participate!

On May 31st, Kurt found a monarch caterpillar on some milkweed in the yard. By the time we got out there the next day, he'd moved on to another leaf for some reason. I couldn't get a very good picture of him, unfortunately.

Anyway, we took him inside and put him in a jar. Kurt went to Walmart that following Saturday and got a terrarium. Unfortunately, he didn't notice it was cracked until we got home. We didn't want to use it for fear of the caterpillar getting cut on the cracks. So, we waited.

Unfortunately, it's hard to get to Walmart. It's a good half hour drive and very inconveniently placed. Time is also short, especially during the week. So, by the time Kurt got to Walmart, the caterpillar had pupated.

For some strange reason, I never got a picture of the pupa.

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