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Precious family

Words again

Man, usually when Matthew says new words, it's when I'm unable to get to the computer. When I'm at the computer, then I forget the words he's said!

EDIT: Thanks and Thank you (two days, maybe)

Sky (last few days), stop it (just today), look (three days or so)...

I'll add more as I remember or hear them. I need to update that list and post the whole thing, but I'm so lazy.
Precious family

Higher temperature

I checked Matthew's temperature about five minutes ago and it was 103.1. Normally we just let the fever run its course, but that's a bit high, even for us. We gave him some tylenol and he's going to bed half an hour early.

My poor boy...
Mulan Kanji


Matthew had a fever of 102.5 yesterday, but it broke by 2pm. So, I thought he was okay. He wasn't acting sick.

Well, this morning around 7 or so, it was 100.9. I went to rent the longarm and Kurt called me around 11.30 - it was back up to 102. I got home around 1 (had to stop by the store) and it was 101.5. In addition, he was listless and shivering as if he had chills. Called the doc (office closed at 12, so had to call his beeper and he called back) and was told to take him to the urgent care facility. Kurt's there now. Kat is napping. We think he has what Kat had last week.
Precious family

New Words

Potty (saying that for a couple of days, belt (several days), sorry (two or three days) bed (a week), sweet (a few days), hot (a week or so), Coo Cghlock (cuckoo clock) and ride (two days).

I know there are more I'm missing. I really need to update to that big list.

Will do a real update later when I'm not working on lunch. :)
Precious family


Wow, I got a lot done today. More than I usually do. I feel okay about taking a break.

Matthew said 'smurfs' today, though he pronounces it 'murfs'.

One of the things I got so much work done on today is my friend Melody's baby quilt. I had quite a bit to trace on to several pieces of fabric. Well, I got all the tracing down. Trust me, it's a lot of tracing! Now I have to cut out the pieces and baste them to the lining fabric. Once that is done, I'll add borders, then quilt it. Then I'll use 1/4 inch bias tape and turn it into a 'stained glass' look. The picture on the quilt is that of a mermaid. It's hanging on the sliding glass door because I used it as a big light box. Matthew pointed at it and said 'mermaid'!

I really must update that list.
Matthew sleep

Words and Pain

Matthew said 'bunny' for the first time I remember hearing a couple of days ago. He's also saying 'colour' now and trying to count to ten. I don't think he grasps the concept of amount, but he knows the order. He's also been saying 'boo boo' for about a week. He also knows the colour blue. There are some others, but I'm usually not able to get to the computer when he says new things. *sigh*

Today was a really busy today. We went to Kindermusik which for two classes was from 10.30 to 12.15. The second class at 11.30 is Kat's class. The first thirty minutes, the teacher teaches the children without the parents. We show up for the last 10-15 minutes of the class. While I was waiting to go back, I had taken Matthew out and we ran to the store that's in the same center. On my way back, I ran into my friend Rachel whose daughter is also in Kat's Kindermusik class. We were talking and Matthew was evidently getting impatient. He started pulling on my hand, then suddenly let his legs collapse. His body twisted and I felt something pop. He started crying.

No, nothing is broken as far as we know. I called the doctor while I was waiting on Kat's class to end and he called me back immediately. He said it sounded like something called Nurse Maid's Elbow and he told me how to correct it and that Matthew would be sore for a while. I did as he said and felt a little pop (which he said I would feel). Matthew hasn't been wanting to use his hand, though he can move his fingers and point, he just doesn't want any pressure on it. We wrapped it in a bandage tonight to help protect it and give it some support. We're going to keep a close eye on him and if he's not any better by Monday, I'm taking him to the doctor's.

I feel so bad. My poor little boy.