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Last Saturday (well, back on March 3rd), Kurt was on his way home from his conference in GA and what happens? I get sick. Fortunately, our wonderful neighbors (who are our friends) took the children until he returned around 2pm that afternoon. It didn't last long, just a couple of days, but I was sure miserable that first day especially! Poor Kat got it the next day and since I was recovering and they were both coughing and sneezing, we just stayed home from church. Unfortunately, we missed our Pastor's birthday celebration. He just turned fourty. We should find some stuff that makes fun of his age. :-D

There's this Fabric Shop Hop in which I participated in January. I won a prize! It was a second prize, but still a prize! I get 25 dollars worth of something. I don't know if it's fabric or patterns or what, but I thought that was pretty neat! They have this thing every other month, I think. Anyway, I'm doing it this month. I've found the bunny at all but two shops, and the bunny isn't currently available at those shops.

We're doing well. Matthew is working on his consonants. He goes 'ba ba ba ba ba' a lot. He's so cute! Kat is as wired and smart as ever. We got them a new couch, one with a wooden frame. Basically it's like a real couch, but child sized. We also purchased a swing set with some money we got back from my school that we weren't expecting. Hopefully Kurt can get that put together during Spring Break.

Not much going on besides school. Earth Science is annoying. :)

And I'm tired so I think bed will be in order soon...
Precious family

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The last two days have been kind of up and down.

Yesterday, I went to Walmart to pick up a gift that my two sisters in law and my brother in law bought for Kat. While I was there, I got her birthday gift. We hadn't gotten anything but a five dollar toy for Matthew for Christmas because, to be honest, we were having trouble finding anything that we really liked and didn't already have. So, while I was there, I decided to look around.

I came across this.

My friend Mindy has this toy and I love it. It is, unfortunately, a 60 dollar toy which is a little out of our budget range. However, the toy was on sale for 30 dollars! HALF OFF! I was so excited that I immediately grabbed it and put it in the cart.

When I got home, Kurt and I put Kat's kitchen together. I then opened the box. There was no learn around playground. Evidently this had been a return and someone had replaced the playground with this toy. Similar colours, but obviously not the same toy. When a return is done, the employee is supposed to check the box to be sure the item is in there and the correct item. Evidently, that didn't occur this time. I was so upset because this was the last one there that I started to cry. What made things worse was that I couldn't find the receipt.

Well, Walmart has taken returns from me without receipts before, but I've never been returning something that had the wrong item in the box, so I was afraid I'd have a fight. I went back to Walmart today and explained the situation. The lady was extremely nice and I guess believed me. She refunded the money and put it on a gift card. I checked again just to be sure there wasn't another one, which, unfortunately, there wasn't.

When I got back to the car, I asked him to give me the number to another Walmart that is just South of Denton and to call the one that's in the city just South of that (Lewisville). I was headed to the Best Buy in Lewisville because we were supposed to be getting a television that was on sale from there. So, he gave me the number to the first and got off the line with me to call the second. Well, the one I called had one for the same price. The one in Lewisville did not. The lady on the line with me said she would hold the toy for me (even though she technically wasn't supposed to do that). I went there, got the toy, and before I left, I checked to make sure that it was the right toy. Evidently this one wasn't a return because none of the inide packaging had been touched. I was so happy!

So then I headed down to Best Buy. Of course, the television we had chosen was sold out of all the stores. *sigh* We wound up spending more than originally planned, but now we have a new 27 inche television. No, it's not flat or HD (just regular old SDTV), but compared to our old 19 inch, it's huge! We also found out how old our original television was - 16 years old! My mother evidently got it back in 1990 and gave it to us when she moved and got a new telly. I think we've had it...oh, five years? Something like that. Anyway, it lasted a long time. Pretty good for a television!

So despite the frustrations, things turned out well.

Oh, yesterday I went to the local quilt shoppe because they were having their anniversary sale (They opened on January 1st back in 1998). Everything that wasn't already on sale was 35% off. I went and got most of the material I need for my next quilt and all of the material I need for Matthew's quilt. I also entered a drawing for one of three prizes - a gift certificate for either 100, 50, or 25 dollars. I won the 25 dollar gift certificate! Whoowhoo!

In the children department, I need to update Kat's list, which I will probably do so in the next day or do. I'm not sure if I'm going to continue with the list because she's learning so much so rapidly that I can't keep up with her. I might just 'call it a day' on the list...for her anyway. I'll do the same with Matthew. :)

Speaking of Matthew, he is growing so fast! I gave him his first taste of solids today! I started him on carrots. :-D He didn't take much, probably because 1. I had already given him a bottle and 2. he wasn't used to the texture. Of course I don't expect anything instantly. It was funny to watch his expression. :) Also, he got up on his hands and knees and started rocking back and forth! He's getting a lot closer to crawling! He's almost sitting by himself. He will do so for a few seconds, then jerk back. He sits fine with support.

They're both growing so fast. One of Carter's little sayings is 'If they only could stay little'. While it's exciting to see their development and neat to see how they grow, sometimes I do miss when Kat was litle...and I feel like Matthew's getting so big too fast.

Well, that's pretty much it for me...except I found this neat place and now I want to get some people together and go there:

Le Retreat House

Grandma Update

My mother called me this evening. Grandma isn't any worse or better. She actually did respond when someone said her name by opening her eyes, but they didn't open very far and she didn't really focus on anything. She's not eating and the only nutrients she's been getting have been through IVs. They think her organs are finally just shutting down. My mom says they are taking it a day at a time. If after a certain period of time she doesn't get any better, they're going to tell the home not to give her anymore IVs instead of prolonging the inevitable. Of course, she could snap back like she has in the past. I was hoping she would hang on one more Christmas, that I could see her one more time and that she could meet Matthew. I don't know. There's no telling what's going to happen.

One day at a time.


My mother went to a former coworker's wife's workplace today to fill out an application. Hopefully she'll get something at the company.

Afterwards, she stopped by to see my grandmother. Evidently she was really lethargic. My mother had to say something several times before she even looked at my mom. One of the nurses said she kept her eyes closed most of the time she was being fed. In other words, it doesn't look good.

Today, the chief musician at my church helped me record some songs for my grandma. I just hope that she lasts long enough to hear them.

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Hairspray was a lot of fun. It won't top the list as my favourite musical, but it was very enjoyable...quite hilarious actually! And, the main character is overweight; I could actually do this role sometime!

Unfortunately, Monday night Kat got sick. She vomited no less than 9 times (that's when I stopped counting). I don't think she did so more than twice after I stopped counting, though. We called the pediatrician and he said to put her on pedialyte and just kind of wait it out. It's a virus; I think she got another rotavirus infection, though she doesn't have any diarrhea. Yet, anyway. Tuesday, she seemed fine except she didn't want to eat and it was hard to get her to drink water. Yesterday, she seemed fine. She had a low grade fever, at least it felt like she did though we didn't actually take her temperature. She ate some food, drank a decent amount of water and went to bed. Unfortunately, she got sick again around half past midnight. Today, she's a lot more lethrgic, wanted to just sleep or be held more than anything. She did take a decent amount of water, though, and a little oatmeal with applesauce. We just need to stick to simple carbs for the next few days. I had given her a hotdog and part of a turkey burger yesterday and I'm wondering if that just set her back. Just carbs for her until at least Sunday! I went ahead and called the pediatrician again just to be sure and am currently waiting for a call back.

My grandmother is currently in a hospice hospital. They've taken her off of her medication save for a water pill to keep water from collecting around her heart and they give her anti agitation medication as needed. She is in the hospice hospital temporarily until she can be placed into a regular nursing home (she was a high assist assisted living facility before). She was supposed to have been moved to one by now, but the doctor wanted to keep an eye on her for a little while longer because she has some extreme agitiation. Evidently this could mean that the end is near. That is something that is both sad for me to hear and a relief. My grandmother isn't happy and I think she understands what's going on a lot more than people realise. I miss her. I wish I were closer. I'd go see her every day I could. That is one thing I regret about being so far away from my family.
Precious family

Our Weekend

Friday, a lady from Feral Friends came to help us trap the feral cats we have been feeding over the last few months. She arrived around 6 and hung out until about 9.30. We managed to trap all three kittens within that time! They were the important ones because they are the ones who are actually feral. The mother we can catch by hand because she's domesticated; she was obviously someone's pet. The lady took the kittens home with her that night and then delivered them to the vet Saturday morning.

Saturday, we wound up leaving at 12 to go do some chores; we had to pick up the cats somewhere between 3.30 and 5pm. First, we went to a liquor store to get marsala and sherry so I could make marsala chicken for Easter Sunday dinner (or lunner, rather). Then we had lunch. After that, we made a stop at Wal-mart to get some things we needed. Following that, we made an hour trip to South Dallas to pick up the cats. We picked them up and dropped them off at a lady who works with an organisation called Barn Cats to give them homes. After that, we had to go to a place called Sprouts for produce (they usually have really good prices), Sam's for meat, Kroger for asparagus (they were having a sale better than Sprouts), and Braum's for milk. By the time we got home, it was 8pm. We put Kat to bed, made dinner (my Christina who is my younger sister in law, her boyfriend, and two of her friends had come), ate, then went to bed.

Sunday, we went to church. As soon as we got home, we started working on dinner. Unfortunately, we hadn't had a chance to do dishes the day before since stuff took longer than anticipated and so we had to do that first. By the time dinner was finished, it was 4.30 (we were planning to eat around 2-3). My SIL and her friends had to leave as soon as they were done because they had a 2.5-3 hour trip back to college. After that, I did my history homework for the week, took pictures of Kat, veged, called my mother, put Kat to bed, uploaded pictures, then went to bed myself.

Did I mention that we are also rearranging three of the four bedrooms in our house?

Who had time to dye Easter eggs?
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la dee da

Well, my father in law came to town to take Christian to her ear surgery this past Tuesday. It went REALLY well! There's no sign of cholesteatoma and they did some reconstruction. Hopefully she won't lose any of her hearing. Christina is recovering quickly.

Trisha had a dentist appointment on Friday and Dad took her to that. That went well also and she's able to eat already after having a couple of wisdom teeth pulled.

Today, Kurt had to take Trisha back to her jobcore early because of various things that are going on this evening and tomorrow. He took Kat with him so I've had at least two hours to work on schoolwork. I have a case study due and it's at least halfway done. I should be able to finish it by next weekend. I finished the last section in my history course and I finished the assignment (yes, one assignment) for my principles of nutrition class. I've gotten a decent bit done. :)

The kitten is doing fine. He's now using a litter box and eating from a plate already at three weeks! He's adorable and follows me around some times.

Kat is doing well despite a mild cold. I'm just waiting for her to start walking. She keeps trying to mimic the kitten. She's so cute. Dad was glad to be able to see her. He said Mom (my MIL) might come down for Thanksgiving, but that's not certain as of yet.

Kurt's going to a Muslim worship service and meal tonight. I told him that if he finds any good curry, that he needs to ask for the recipe. :-D There's a mosque next door to our church and they have invited us. We don't have the money for a baby sitter for Kat, so it's just him. However, our neighbors had invited us over for a party, so I'm going over there this evening; it should be fun.

Tomorrow they're having a 'family reunion' at the birthing center at 2. We'll stop by there then head to our church for Reformation Sunday activities. No, our church doesn't speak against Halloween, but Reformation Sunday is something that reformed churches celebrate and, actually, doesn't have a single thing to do with Halloween; ie, it's not an attempt to have an 'alternate' celebration in response to Halloween. No, it has more to do with Martin Luther. You can find out a bit of info about it here.

Now that I've gotten a good bit of work done, I can relax a little.