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Poor Matthew is sick again. I can't remember if I wrote about it, but he got sick early in August when Kurt's parents were here. Now he's sick again. The symptoms are similar if not quite as severe. His temperature last time went up to 104. This time it seems it was 101.4. Last night he woke up and threw up twice. Actually, that was about 2.45 this morning. I stayed up with him until about 5.30 until I was certain he wasn't going to do it again and then took him down to bed. He slept only til about 8.15. I managed to get him to go back to sleep till about 9.45. He really needed more sleep (as did I!) but he just wouldn't. At naptime and bedtime, he was asleep in five minutes. A record for him!

You could tell he's not feeling well by his attitude, and, of course, by the fact he hasn't eaten anything since yesterday save for a few pretzels. He didn't even want corn! He loves corn! We've been making sure he gets plenty of water, though. If he still won't eat tomorrow morning, we'll probably call the doctor (They have hours from 9-11 on Saturdays during the school year). Poor baby.

Other than that, he's doing well. He hasn't added any words to his vocabulary since the last list. At least, none that we can understand. :) He certainly babbles at us as if he's stringing long sentences together and trying to tell us something, though! He's more timid in some was than Kat was. He's afraid of bubbles in the bath. He was also scared of going into a swimming pool. Kat? No reservations...as long as her feet were touching the ground or someone was holding her. Matthew didn't even like the pool with me holding him constantly! Oh, and he is SUCH a mama's boy! I don't mind though. :)

Kat's doing well. I'm hoping she doesn't catch what Matthew has. She did last time though hers wasn't as severe as his bout was.

I have my first Anthropology exam in a week. Yuck. Oh, and one coming up for computer Science. That one, however, will be easy.

I'm tired. One of these days I'll upload all these pictures I have. *sigh* I need more time.
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Things have been rather hectic lately. We had my family come last month, and then a week later, Kurt's family came. Oh, and most of the family wound up getting sick. I had a fever for only the second time I can ever remember. I don't usually run fevers. Well, rather, I'll go up to 99, which is a fever me since my average body temperature is around 97.5 degrees F.

We've moved the computers out of the living room and into our bedroom/study area so it's even harder to get on the computer. I don't like being out of the room when my children are awake. When they're asleep, I'm either trying to do something around the house, quilting, or taking a nap because I'm really tired myself! I have a LOT of pictures to upload, but don't have much time in which to do it.

Matthew is getting so big! He says ball, tries to say 'more' while trying to do the sign, he's said dada a couple of times, and tries to say 'kitty' though it comes out 'kiii'. He walks all the time now. He's a cranky boy sometimes. Though the last few days, I think a lot of it was due to constipation. It seemed to start clearing up yesterday and whoa, today he's been so much happier!

I went over to my friend Mindy's apartment yesterday and we went to the pool. Matthew didn't seem to care for it. Kat enjoyed herself, but was scared to jump in or have anyone let go. Matthew eventually stopped crying and I was able to walk around with him in the pool. Hopefully he'll be a little less nervous next time. I took my camera, but forgot to get pictures. I felt rather dumb, but it's kind of hard with three children and only two adults. You kind of need your hands for all the children.

I've got the top and back done (double sided quilt) for my next quilt. I need to baste it...and figure out how, exactly, I'm going to do that without getting both sides off. I don't want them to look bad.

Anyway, I need to run. Maybe I can start updating more often. We'll see.
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We have been so busy! The house is a mess and we're trying to get it straightened so we can have friends over for a grill out tomorrow. Of course, we also need to get it ready for my mother and my aunt who are coming to stay with us for a week. They arrive on Saturday. Poor Kurt has been doing most of the work while I tend to the children. I'm grateful to him though!

I'm afraid I didn't meet my quilting goals for the month. I wound up not feeling well and that completely threw me off. I did finish that mini quilt and I've got justagirl412's quilt basted. It just needs to be quilted and have binding put on it. I'm up to five quilts for the year. Five and a half if you count justagirl412's. :) Once I get Ami's done, I'll have five more left for the year. Well, four if you count only the ones that will be gifts. :)

Matthew is progressing by leaps and bounds! His walking improves every day. As of Sunday he is officially saying "mama' and "ball". Mama sounds like mama and sometimes 'ama', but ball sounds like 'bah'. Bah, bah, bah! He'll say it as he runs after one of the balls we have in the room. It's so cute! He also thinks that me making monkey sounds is really funny. He laughs quite loudly when I do it.

Kat is doing well. I'm working on putting letters together to make words. She knows Mommy. Sort of. *G* We're working on it. She's learning some new songs. I need to work on getting organised so I can plan out activities instead of just doing things on the fly and then wondering what I should do for the rest of the day. If anyone has any tips, please feel free to share them!

Too much to do, not enough time...or energy. Mow.
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Various things

So Matthew is trying to walk. He took his first 'baby step' on the tenth. It was a small one, but still one! He's taken a couple at a time, but has a tendency to get over excited and then launches himself forward. It's rather funny. He babbles a lot too. He'll be talking soon. I don't think I'm going to count his 'bye bye' as a first word because I don't think he really understands it. I prefer to count words that I know children have at least some understanding.

Oh, and that lady who took my pictures, she's taken them down. Hopefully we won't have to deal with her or anyone else stealing my pictures again.

Kat's doing well. Chatter box, of course. She sings a lot too, which is great. I think I'm going to start her on piano lessons soon. I'll be learning as she does. :-D

I need to start doing some serious singing again. Maybe I can do it with the children in the room while they're awake. I guess I'll have to experiment.

I wound up joining another quilt guild. This time I'm in the Denton Quilt Guild. No, I'm not going to continue with both. Our martial arts schedule has changed and now I can go to the Denton Guild. I prefer this as it's closer and I knew at least one person in it. I also found that I knew a second one! A lady from our church goes there! She actually lives a good 35-40 minute drive (or more) away, but her sister is in this guild. Grace (who is the other lady I know and helped me with my binding) wasn't there, but I had at least one familiar face!

Goals this month on the quilting end include finish two baby quilts. If I can, I'd like to get started on Kurt's aunt's quilt. It's for her Christmas present. I also need to make a name tag for the quilt guild, but that won't take long at all. It will be a pretty small project. :)

School's out which means I have time to work on cleaning the house (yuck) and quilting (yay!). Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays are my cleaning days. Tuesdays and Thursdays are my quilting days. I do this while the children take their naps. I'm also trying to do some pushups, crunches, and leg exercises for the first few minutes of their naps. It's not much, but it's something.

As I mentioned, our martial arts schedule has changed. We were switching off Tuesdays and Thursdays. That meant we were going once a week and if I went to the Denton Guild, which meets on a Thursday, then I wouldn't get any in at all that week. Well, we found another Dojo that is non (or limited) profit that has really good prices. It's not much more than what we were paying at the other gym. So, now I go Wednesdays and Saturdays while Kurt goes Tuesdays and Thursdays. He was willing to give up one day a month so I could keep up at the old gym, but I decided that I really wanted to go to the Denton Quilt Guild because it was closer and it would save on gas. It's also less stressful because I don't have to drive on the highway to get to the meetings. This is a Good Thing (tm). So, Kurt is kindly giving up one of his martial arts nights so that I can go to the guild meetings! I'm hoping to join a Bee, but there's one that meets once a month on a Monday, so that shouldn't interfere with Martial arts.

Now this second gym doesn't just do Judo. You can do Aikido, Iaido, Jodo, and Karate as well. I'm doing Aikido at the moment. Judo is on Saturdays, but the teacher has been sick, so I've not done it yet. Fortunately, there's Aikido not only one Wednesdays, but on Saturdays just before Judo as well. So once Judo starts up again, I'll be attending martial arts from 12.30 to 3.30 on Saturdays. If it means exercise and losing weight, it's worth the time!

I'm also reading two books at the moment. Irish Chain, a mystery novel by Earlene Fowler, and Oliver Twist by Dickens. Irish Chain is the second in that series.

So that's my life at the moment. Lots of good stuff happening. Yay for good things! :)

Time for bed!
Precious family

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Matthew is starting to stand up a bit more. He's still not doing it a *lot* but he's standing up for longer periods of time when he does stand. I think he just enjoys crawling.He certainly loves to get into things!

Yesterday we went to the Arts and Jazz Festival. It was fun, but made for a long, tiring day. Hopefully the kids will be able to adapt better when they're older.

Thursday, we leave to go to Longview. My sister in law's wedding is on Friday and her graduation is on Saturday.

Tonight, my daughter taught me a new song. We always sing to her for a few minutes before we put her down for bed. Tonight, she asked for the apple song. I asked 'what's the apple song'? She sang it for me.

Sung to the tune of "twinkle twinkle little star".

Apple apple apple song
Apple apple apple song
Apple apple apple song
Apple apple apple song
Apple apple apple song
Apple apple apple song

I know she's not heard this from anyone else, she just did this all on her own.

My children are just two little geniuses!
Precious family

Silly chillin's

I can't believe I forgot to say that Matthew is waving - he has been for about two weeks or so. It's cute. :)

Over heard Kat saying today:

I want to change baby. Baby poopy.

(To baby) Want to wash your hands? Want a wipe? Okay.

Then, she took out a figurine we have of a giraffe and called it a kangaroo. I told her that's not a kangaroo, that's a giraffe. Her response?

"That's not a giraffe, that's a kangaroo."

and, then another time...

"No it's not a giraffe, that's a kangaroo".

Silly Kat.