Aiko Heiwa (aikoheiwa) wrote,
Aiko Heiwa

Long time...

No update. Well, that's not completely true. It's been a long time since I've done a real 'life' update. So...I shall attempt to go over life in general. :)

So I'm sitting here and really...I don't have a whole lot to say.

I joined a coop but after some not so great treatement on the preschool teacher's part and the finding out that half of these members are calling themselves Christian but are actually members of a religion that is definitely NOT Christian...well, I pulled out. So, homeschooling shall continue only at home.

I had a whole bunch of fabric that someone gave me on Freecycle. I took out what I wanted and needed and had a lot left. The lady who took it from is a couple of years younger than me, married, with a four month old. She's also very nice. We've talked and we're hopefully going to get together some time soon. Her daughter is a bit young to 'play' yet, but I bet the visit will distract my children and it will be nice to have some adult conversation too. ;-)

I hurt myself a week and a half ago while in aikido. I was uke and my tori was doing a technique on me. With the way we moved, I fell against a pillar that's in the dojo. It's wrapped in carpet, and I didn't bang my head. I was able to move my head so I wouldn't bang it, but I pulled a muscle in my shoulder. Unfortunately, with the way my children pull on me, it's taking its sweet time in healing fully.

I've got more than enough hours to test for my second degree brown belt in Aikido. Hopefully that will occur soon. There's a clinic being held the last Friday and Saturday in October. We knew about it last year but it was too short notice to go. Kurt said I could go this year. Fortunately, I can sleep in the dojo so I don't have to worry about a motel. I was told they should have showers. ^_^

There was an accident at home today. Kat and Matthew were in their highchairs and pulling at one another. Kat actually managed to topple Matthew's highchair over with him in it! I set him back up and I pulled them apart and told them to stop. Unfortunately, I didn't pull them apart far enough and they pulled on one another again. She toppled him again but that time he hit his head on her highchair enough to get a nice little knot and bleed a bit. The cut isn't bad, but he's definitely got a bump. Kat was actually crying about five times longer than Matthew did. His eyes were bright and he was laughing within a couple of minutes, so he's okay.

Summer, our 19 year old cat seems to really be slowing down. I'm sort of just waiting for her to pass in her sleep, poor girl.

Oh, and I got my first quilt commission! I'm going to get PAID to make someone a quilt! YIPPEE!

I feel like there's stuff that I should be writing down here but I'm missing. Maybe I will think of it later.

Got questions? Ask me. :)
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