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Wow, a real update!

Matthew is saying sauce (by which he means applesauce), brush (buhsh), and eat (eeeee, but it's obvious what he means). Brush has been going on for about four days and I kept forgetting to write it. The other two started either yesterday or the day before.

Unfortunately, both he and Kat are sick. They're coughing and it's not making for a good night's sleep. 5.30 was the time I got up this morning. Since it was only a half hour until the alarm went off, I thought why bother going back, especially since it would take half that time just to get them settled.

This week hasn't been the greatest. I had some stomach issues this weekend. Sunday, I was up from about five onward. I felt well enough to go to church (the worst passed) and then afterwards to my monthly quilt guild class. When I arrived at the home of one of the teachers, she pointed out that I was missing a sapphire from my engagement ring. This makes me rather sad, though I'm quite glad it wasn't the diamond since that costs a lot more. I didn't notice it before because I've been wearing my rings on a necklace. I've lost weight and they were loose enough to fall off while taking a shower (fortunately, they did not go down the drain). My engagement ring has been squared away into a jewelry box until we get our tax refund. That's a couple of hundred dollars I wasn't expecting to have to spend. *sigh*

Thanks to the children's colds, I haven't gotten a very good night's sleep. Of course, I don't sleep well to begin with. This means that when the children have bad nights, I feel worse than normal. Yay.

I've finished the backing to my quilt that I'll be quilting on the longarm this Thursday. I've also made the binding strips, sewn them together, trimmed, and ironed them so they are ready to be put on the quilt. I'll be quilting the quilt on Thursday morning. I'll come home afterwards, eat a quick lunch, then go straight into putting the binding on the quilt. I want to be able to have the quilt ready for show and tell at quilt guild that night. I can't break my streak! I've had something for show and tell since June of last year. I must keep it up!

Hopefully, I'll have two quilts next month. Worse come to worse, though, I'll have at least one!

Work on my Harry Potter quilt has stalled until I get some better paper for the paper piecing. That will occur on March 8th, which is when I'll be stopping by Sam's Club to get some deli paper. Yep. Deli paper. It was recommended to me and I was told fairly inexpensive. You can cut it down and use it in your printer. I'm going to try and work on at least one block every week. It's a start.

After I finish my quilt, I'll be working on my friend Melody's baby quilt alongside Kat's quilt and HP blocks. After I finish Melody's, I'll be working on Melissa's (don't worry, I don't think any of you know these people)..:-D She's having a baby in August. Melody's is due late June.

Aikido is going well. One of my teacher thinks I'll be ready for shodan (first level black belt) the time a year has passed. Right now, I am a sankyu rank. This is the lowest of the three levels of brown belt. After sankyu is nikkyu, then ikkyu. We were working on techniques last night that I will be required to demonstrate for my nikkyu test. I also got to work with a young woman who hasn't been in a while thanks to shoulder issues. She felt well enough to come, but who knows how her shoulders will react after last night.

Kurt's going out of town on Sunday. He'll be back on the following Thursday. At least I don't have to miss any of my quilting stuff. I'll be missing two of my Aikido classes, but I went three times last week and, unless I'm sick, I will be going three times this week.

I've been looking at various curriculums. Why, you ask? Because I am going to homeschool my children. Well, that's the plan at least. My mother in law works for Calvert and ordered the preschool curriculum for me. This is good, though I just recently found a curriculum that I really like. It's called Winterpromise. It looks like it's very close to a classical curriculum, which is what I like. It's based off of Charlotte Mason's philosophies on education. This means that it does differ a little from classical education, but that's okay. I really like the fact that while there are some books written specifically for the curriculum, a goodly portion (and I would say most from what I've seen) of its reading material are books by authors outside of the curriculum. I was able to buy one of their themed programs (Animals and their worlds, pre-K through 2nd grade) for 75 dollars. This doesn't include all of the books, but it includes several of the suggested reading material as well as all the main curriculum books and teacher's guide. I got to look through it and really liked what I saw. I'll probably start that soonish.

I've been tracing lines and doing counter-clock wise circles with Kat. These are things to help prepare her for writing. While I don't see me starting to actually teach her how to write for a while, why start later? Why not now?

We finished the book "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" yesterday and started on "Through the Looking Glass" today. There are more stories in the book by the same author. I'm not sure if we're going to read them or not. I wanted to start on "The Jungle Book" after "Through the Looking Glass". We'll see. Maybe I'll change my mind.

As of yet, I don't really have a strict teaching schedule for the children. Generally, we wake up. If they're receptive, we do some phonics, maybe some math, we go over shapes and colours, and we read. We read a lot. I've been told that's the most important thing at this age. It's a good thing that they love to have books read to them.

My mom is going to have to have surgery some time this year on her shoulder. They are going to have to replace her shoulder. I'll be heading over to Georgia. This is going to be interesting. I won't be taking the children. Hopefully our church will help is in that regard since we can't really afford day care and I'd rather not put my children into the hands of strangers if I can avoid it.

This summer, Kurt's parents will be flying us up to Maryland. We'll be going on a real vacation. This will be the first time with the children. Kurt and I haven't had a real vacation since June of 2003. It will be nice. I'm not sure exactly where we're going and what we're doing, but they're paying, so I'm not going to complain. :)

This has gotten rather long. It's been a while since I've done a real update as opposed to short snippets. Perhaps I shall have to do this more often? Well, for that, I'll probably need more time. :)
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