Aiko Heiwa (aikoheiwa) wrote,
Aiko Heiwa

Poor Baby

We can add 'broom' to Matthew's vocabulary. He started saying it on Tuesday.

Unfortunately, he's now sick. He started getting cold symptoms on Monday. He sounded a little congested, but didn't even have a runny nose. Tuesday, he got the runny nose, but that was it. Yesterday, though, things got worse. He started coughing and sounded congested in his chest. He also ran a fever. It went between 101.8 and 102.3. In addition, he was breathing rapidly - about 60 breaths per second. I called the doctor and he said to give him a nebulizer treatement. This morning, he's still breathing faster than normal, but not nearly that fast and he sounds a little better. His fever has also broken.

What concerns me is that he seems to be getting sick rather often. We have an appointment on Friday (I made it several months ago, it's Kat's 3 year and Matthew's 18 month checkups). I guess I'll be talking to the doctor about this then. :-/
Tags: family, illness, matthew, sick, sickness, son, talking, vocabulary, word list

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