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Quilting Thursday Status Report

Just for reference, I set aside every Tuesday and Thursday as quilting days. Hence the references that follow.

I got the inner border sewn onto my Japanese quilt. I got three sides of the middle border sewn. I ran out of fabric so had to buy a little bit from an online site just so I can finish it. This means, unfortunately, that I must wait for the fabric to arrive to finish the quilt. The fabric I'm using is actually fairly old so I was fortunate to find a place that still had it in the colour I needed.

I sat down and went over the pattern I'm going to use for Kat's twin quilt. I have all the fabric for that (even the backing), but the question is, which fabric am I going to use where in which block. That probably doesn't make much sense, but at least I know what it means in my brain. :) I have a couple of options. I may ask for advice from my friend Mindy.

Goals for the next Quilting Tuesday: Get as much cutting done for Kat's quilt as possible.

Goals for the Quilting Thursday: I'm going to set aside this day as a "Harry Potter" day. I will choose some blocks to attempt and make one of each. These will all be practise blocks. I want to make every block that I'm going to put into the quilt at least once to make sure that I do it properly. If I have any problems, then I shall pounce upon ofenjen and thwap her mercilessly with wet fabric until she helps me.

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