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Love Potion Number 9

Well, actually it's quilt number 9. I finished it today. I have two more left. Number 12 just isn't going to happen because one of my long arm appointments got cancelled and I don't have another one until February. I was going to quilt my aunt in law's quilt last Friday and one of the machines was broken. I'm hoping nothing happens for the 17th because that's when I originally planned to quilt my personal quilt (number 12) but now I'm quilting my aunt in law's quilt.

So yay, another one done! I'll definitely get 11 done this year. It would have been 12 but...oh well. I could just stitch in the ditch on my home machine, but I really wanted to quilt mine on the longarm. I could also try freemotion quilting on my machine, but I don't have a darning foot, and it's harder than the longarm.

But I'm done with number 9! Number 10 is just waiting for the longarm, number 11 is basted and will just be done stitch in the ditch (a charity quilt). Then all I have to do is bind it! Yay!

I love making progress.
Tags: arts and crafts, finished, number 9, progress, quilt, quilt list, quilting, quilts, sewing

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