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My friend Kelli hosts a Show and Tell Friday. Feel free to participate!

My show and tell is a little bit different this week.

When my grandmother went into Hospice care in the Spring of 2006, I made a recording of some songs for her. I was in my third trimester with Matthew and couldn't travel to see her.

This semester, I took an introduction to the internet computer science course. The last assignment was to make a webpage incorporating elements we learned in our reading (stuff I already knew, but at least it's an easy A). Anyway, we were told to add something special. I added the songs I recorded for my grandmother.

They aren't the best I've done. I was seven months pregnant (and didn't have nearly as good breath control), wasn't warmed up, hadn't (still haven't) taken any voice lessons in a long time, and hadn't (still don't unfortunately) sung more than once a week for a long time as well. So um....excuse the bad quality, but if anyone wants to listen, you can.

Here's the main site

Here's the specific link to the songs.

I didn't do the graphics, but someone did them for me. I just put it together. Whee. :)

Edit: I have been listening to these again and I have to say OUCH. Man...definitely not the best I've ever done. Oh well.
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