Aiko Heiwa (aikoheiwa) wrote,
Aiko Heiwa

Show And Tell Friday

I finished Jonathan's quilt. Jonathan is the baby who has Trisomy 18 and has only a 50% chance of surviving birth. The chance that he will live to be one year in age is only 5-10%. You can read about him and his family here.

This is a big block quilt. The star here has several names, including the friendship star.

Here is the back side. Sort of a pinwheel I guess. I just changed around the blocks a little.

I've updated my year's quilt list a bit.

1. Quilt for Kurt's sister, Trisha

2. A quilt that I'm doing as a wedding gift. Interlocking Rings (not
wedding rings)

3. Baby quilt for a boy, for my friend Amy at church. (I finished this one today!)

4. Baby quilt for a girl, for my friend Elisabeth at church.

5. Baby quilt for another girl, for my friend Ami in GA.

6. A wall hanging for my judo instructor.

7. A crib quilt for Kristin's son.

8. A crib sized quilt for my son, greens and blues. (I had some trouble with the basting. I will try again soon.)

9. A Swedish Mystery quilt for my aunt in law. (All the pieces except for the borders are cut out. I'm about 1/3 into piecing the log cabin blocks.)

10. A french braid quilt for my neighbors. (I have put together the strips and the sashing. I will be doing three borders on this. I just have to add the borders, then baste, quilt, and bind.)

11. A twin sized quilt for my daughter, Olivia fabrics (some from here and some from here. (haven't started, probably won't for another two weeks)

12. A Japanese Mystery quilt for myself. (just need to add borders, baste, quilt, and bind)

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