Aiko Heiwa (aikoheiwa) wrote,
Aiko Heiwa

Quilting Friday Five and Show and Tell Friday

Quilting Friday Five from calicocats

1. Who's going to IQS? Alas, I am not. I wish I could!

2. What is the one thing you would like to see there? Everything? :)

3. Have you been to IQS before? No, but that's not surprising since I just started quilting last year.

4. What other shows have you been to this year? I went to the Plano Quilt Show near Dallas and I plan on going to the Gainesville one in October.

5. Are you considering a future trip to IQS? Not really. I don't see me being able to go anytime soon. :(

And here, after a hiatus, is a show and tell Friday! It's hosted by Kelli, so go on over and participate!

I have two things today, neither of them related.

First, here is one of the quilts I finished recently. I made it for a friend in Georgia. It arrived the day her daughter was born! Talk about timing!=

And this is banana bread. It's the first time I've ever made bread completely from scratch all by myself. It doesn't contain any added sugar, just what the bananas have. It wasn't as sweet as regular banana bread, but I thought it was still pretty good, especially with margerine!

That's it for today!
Tags: banana bread, bread, quilt, quilting, quilting friday five, quilts, show and tell friday

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