Aiko Heiwa (aikoheiwa) wrote,
Aiko Heiwa

More Words...

Matthew started saying 'bubble' yesterday. This morning, I realised he's saying 'baby', though it sounds more like 'buhby'. He's latched on to one of the four baby dolls that Kat has. This one is the only male doll of the bunch. It's rather cute. I guess he sees her carrying around the dolls. Kat doesn't seem to mind.

1. ball
2. mama
3. daddy (dada)
4. kitty (mostly kiii, but started to say kiiittyyyy...)
5. spoon (boon)
6. book (pronounced right except no K)
7. bubble
8. baby (buhby)
Tags: cute, family, matthew, son, talking, vocabulary, words

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