Aiko Heiwa (aikoheiwa) wrote,
Aiko Heiwa

Things have been rather hectic lately. We had my family come last month, and then a week later, Kurt's family came. Oh, and most of the family wound up getting sick. I had a fever for only the second time I can ever remember. I don't usually run fevers. Well, rather, I'll go up to 99, which is a fever me since my average body temperature is around 97.5 degrees F.

We've moved the computers out of the living room and into our bedroom/study area so it's even harder to get on the computer. I don't like being out of the room when my children are awake. When they're asleep, I'm either trying to do something around the house, quilting, or taking a nap because I'm really tired myself! I have a LOT of pictures to upload, but don't have much time in which to do it.

Matthew is getting so big! He says ball, tries to say 'more' while trying to do the sign, he's said dada a couple of times, and tries to say 'kitty' though it comes out 'kiii'. He walks all the time now. He's a cranky boy sometimes. Though the last few days, I think a lot of it was due to constipation. It seemed to start clearing up yesterday and whoa, today he's been so much happier!

I went over to my friend Mindy's apartment yesterday and we went to the pool. Matthew didn't seem to care for it. Kat enjoyed herself, but was scared to jump in or have anyone let go. Matthew eventually stopped crying and I was able to walk around with him in the pool. Hopefully he'll be a little less nervous next time. I took my camera, but forgot to get pictures. I felt rather dumb, but it's kind of hard with three children and only two adults. You kind of need your hands for all the children.

I've got the top and back done (double sided quilt) for my next quilt. I need to baste it...and figure out how, exactly, I'm going to do that without getting both sides off. I don't want them to look bad.

Anyway, I need to run. Maybe I can start updating more often. We'll see.
Tags: baby, busy, daughter, general, kat, life, matthew, son, toddler, update

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