Aiko Heiwa (aikoheiwa) wrote,
Aiko Heiwa

Show and Tell Friday

I have been so busy. We have family in town, the second time in the last two weeks, and so I've barely been online. I check email, but rarely have time to reply even to that. Still, I wanted to take time out to do Show and Tell Friday this week, which is hosted by my friend Kelli. Head on over to her blog to participate! It's easy and fun!

Anyway, my show and tell this week involves my husband Kurt.

Last night, Kurt got promoted in Judo. He went from a white belt to a green belt. Here he is facing all the sensei that were present that evening.

He was picked out in front of everyone in the gym to come before the mighty sensei!

Will came forward. No, he's not packing a gun!

This will give you some idea of the attitude at the gym. The sensei want you to come there and learn, but they also want you to have fun. They feel if you aren't having fun, you shouldn't be doing it.

Will decided to pose for a picture.

After presenting the belt, all the sensei present give Kurt some advice and encouragement. They had some really nice things to say about him.

And here he is with his new belt! Unfortunately, they didn't have one his size, but they are going to order him one. They gave him a size 1 for the 'ceremony'. It's a wee bit small. He'll get his eventually. ;-)

Congratulations Kurt!
Tags: belt promotion, family, husband, judo, kurt, show and tell friday

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