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Quilting Friday Five and Show and Tell Friday

I'm really late today. We still have company!

1. Do you notice yourself choosing light, medium, or darker tones the most? I'm a jeweled tone person. I love bright colours, but particularly those jewel tones like amethyst, emerald, sapphire, etc.

2. Which specific color group do you tend to gravitate towards? Purple and green!

3. What colors/themes/genres fabrics do you consider >"outside your comfort zone"? Pinks (not so much mixed, but ALL pink pinks) and very cheap fabrics.

4. Do you notice, over time, your color choices change? Mmmm...I mean, I branch out from time to time, but I still love purple and green!

5. Do you ever purchase fabric out side your comfort zone? When I make for other people, yes.

And now, Show and Tell Friday! Kelli hosts it, so head over to participate! Sorry for being late!

Matthew's birthday was this past Monday!

Doesn't he have the cutest smile? Trying to read his card here.

Kat didn't seem to want to let Matthew play with his new toys.

He got a bus too and seemed to enjoy carrying it around.

This week was so hectic we wound up having to buy a cake because we forgot to buy cake mix and well...just didn't have much time. They were out of #1 candles. :(

Neither Matthew nor Kat would try any cake. Kat wanted ice cream though. When we offered some to Matthew, he refused. He was quite willing, however, to take some from Kat.

He took a bite and didn't seem to care for it.

Painting with it is so much more fun.

I have a whole bunch more for show and tell, but it shall have to wait until next week! This week was Matthew's week. :) You can see the rest of the photos here!
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