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Quilting Friday Five and Show And Tell Friday

1. How many quilt shops are within 2 hours of your home? Quite a few, considering that Dallas and Fort Worth only an hour away from us.

2. Have you been to them all? HAH! No. :)

3. Have you visited other shops while on traveling in different states? I'm afraid not. We usually have so little room that to think about bringing something else back isn't viable. There's also the fact that our budget is so limited when we travel, there wasn't really any room for buying fabric anyway. Of course, I could just visit, but our time has been so short when we travel that doing that wasn't really feasible either. :-/

4. What is your favorite quilt shop? The two that I go to are my favourites. :) Of course, I like some online ones too. I have links to them on

5. Do you plan your trips around visiting quilt shops? No, because I usually have my husband and children to consider. :} We also won't be doing much traveling for the next few years. Ah well.

Now for show and tell Friday! Head over to Kelli's blog to particpate!

Some people are probably going to think I'm insane

Can you see them?

Oops, I've intruded on a private moment.

Don't mind me. :)

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