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We were supposed to go to the Zoo today. A year ago tomorrow, I purchased a zoo membership. Not long after that, I started having complications with my pregnancy, so was put on restrictions. No zoo. Then Matthew was born. With me pumping, I couldn't really go anywhere like that easily. So, no zoo again. Finally, the six months was up. Kurt was going to take today off and take me to the zoo as my birthday celebration since he'll be at a conference on my actual birthday. So what happens? The children and I all come down with colds. Even if it isn't very severe, I don't want to exert myself, and especially not the children, just to make it worse. So, we're home and Kurt went to work. No zoo. *sigh*

He's going to take off Wednesday, but I doubt we'll be over the colds by then. Wednesday is Workout Wednesday at a quilt shop in the city a few miles below us. I'll be going down there to work on these quilts. It's a nice open space so I don't have to get too close to people.

Still, it's no zoo.


In other, better news, Matthew is trying to stand. I don't know mean just pulling himself up, I mean pulling himself up and letting go and wobbling for a couple of seconds in a standing position before falling down. Impatient? :)
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